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Buying an Apartment from a Project in Turkey | Guide for Foreigners

Foreigners Buying an Apartment from a Project in Turkey We will touch upon a very important issue for foreigners living in Turkey: "Buying an Apartment from a Project in Turkey". As RIXOS HOME, which has been operating in the real estate and construction sector for more than 20 years, we have extensive experience and expertise in this field and we would like to guide you in this article. Important...

Life in Alanya and what are the benefits of living in Alanya?

The Mediterranean is a favourite destination for foreigners visiting Turkey. The Mediterranean Sea is a coastline several hundred kilometres long, stretching along the south-west of Turkey and has a large number of diverse holiday resorts. One of the most popular is the unique Alanya. So what makes life in Alanya so attractive for foreigners? Let's try to find out in this publication. About...

What things to do in Turkey ?

What things to do in Turkey ? things to do in turkey Turkey is a diverse and unique country. Turkey's largest city, Istanbul, is the only city in the world that is located simultaneously in two parts of the world and combines Eastern and European culture. The southern coast of Turkey is famous for its resorts: Alanya, Belek, Side, Kemer and Lara attract thousands of tourists every summer. There you...

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

Turkish Citizenship The Turkish Citizenship Turkey is a constitutional republic strategically located on three seas - the Mediterranean, the Aegean and the Black Sea. The Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme was launched in January 2017. Rixos Home experts provide assistance in participating in this programme. The minimum investment threshold for the programme is USD...

How to celebrate New Year in Alanya?

How to celebrate New Year in Alanya? New Year in Alanya. You have bought or will buy a property on the Mediterranean coast; you want to fully experience the New Year atmosphere in your new apartment. So how will you celebrate the New Year in Alanya? What is the weather in Alanya in December? What to eat in Alanya for the New Year? Where to buy the most delicious food? In which store are Christmas...

Turkey’s closed and open areas for residence permits

Turkey's closed and open areas for residence permits List of areas closed to residence permits in Turkey. Residence permits in Turkey, in which areas you can obtain a residence permit. Due to the large number of foreigners residing in Turkey, the Migration Service of the Ministry of Interior has closed 1,169 neighbourhoods in different regions of the country for registration and primary residence...

Iskan in Turkey . Why is it so important to have İskan document?

Iskan in Turkey . Why is it so important to have Iskan document? Iskan in Turkey . Why is it so important to have Iskan document?   The procedure for buying property in the Republic of Turkey is as simple and transparent as possible, which eliminates any risk to the investor. However, it is important at the stage of viewing apartments ask about the presence of all documents of title from...

What should you do if you lose your documents in Turkey?

The loss of documents is always an extremely unpleasant event, at any time and in any country. But none of us is immune to the vagaries of fate or even to our own negligence. What should you do if you lose your documents in Turkey?     Of course, the least troublesome situation is if you have Turkish citizenship and have lost your kimlik (citizen's ID card), for example. You should...

Education sector in Turkey

Education sector in Turkey A few decades ago, the Turkish government consciously invested heavily in the education sector and gave the Ministry of National Education the task of bringing the Turkish education system up to European level. This has gradually yielded very good results: The level of education in Turkish universities is now as high as in Europe. The Turkish diploma is recognised among...

Property taxes in Turkey

Property taxes in Turkey What are property taxes? Purchase tax Annual property tax. Tax on the resale of immovable property 1. Purchase tax When the seller and the buyer finalise the deal, a tax contribution of 4% of the cadastral value stated in the TAPU must be paid. The fee must be paid by the buyer. On average, the tax for a 1+1 apartment starts from 1000 Euro. 2. Annual Property Tax...

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