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How to celebrate New Year in Alanya?

How to celebrate New Year in Alanya?

New Year in Alanya

New Year in Alanya.

You have bought or will buy a property on the Mediterranean coast; you want to fully experience the New Year atmosphere in your new apartment. So how will you celebrate the New Year in Alanya? What is the weather in Alanya in December? What to eat in Alanya for the New Year? Where to buy the most delicious food? In which store are Christmas trees sold?


First about the weather


Alanya is the warmest city in Turkey, and if on New Year’s Eve you are counting on the usual snow or at least frost, do not hope. Frost does not happen here, and snow can be found nearby only in the mountains, where the beautiful landscape becomes simply fabulous under the fluffy white cover.

In December, prolonged rains with thunderstorms begin here a fair compensation for the almost complete absence of moisture for most of the year. Stock up on umbrellas and raincoats for the whole family – they are sold everywhere this time of year.


Where to get a Christmas tree for the New Year in Alanya?


Today, buying a New Year tree in Turkey will not be difficult. In large supermarkets of the European type of the Carrefour or Migros chains, you will find green beauties of any size – from miniature for a desktop to huge under 2 meters for a large living room. Also, a large selection of Christmas trees is traditionally presented in the Metro hypermarket.

There is a very high demand for Christmas trees in Alanya, as there are many Russians and Europeans living here, and every family would like to please themselves with traditional New Year decorations on this holiday. For this reason, stores try to stock up on enough New Year’s items so that there is enough fun for everyone.

If you are a fan of exclusively natural trees, then finding them in Alanya will be problematic. Alternatively, you can buy a tree in a pot from open-air gardening shops along the trails. However, while it decorates your home during the New Year’s holidays, it will have to be watered, and then take care of planting in open ground in a suitable climate, otherwise the tree will die. If you are ready to warm up a green beauty and take on such troubles – your New Year in Alanya will acquire a real festive atmosphere.


How to arrange a New Year’s table?

If on New Year’s Eve you come to visit a Turkish house, then on the table you will see only traditional national dishes: kebab and kefte – these are meat dishes, kysy, choban and roca – varieties of traditional salads, baked potatoes, vegetable stews or stewed beans for a side dish. Nevertheless, in addition to national dishes, the Turks often cook stuffed turkey for the New Year. This dish is ideal for a festive table in a large Turkish family, and each hostess adds her own specialties to the recipe. The sweet table consists of Turkish sweets, dried fruits and sweets.

Alcohol is not consumed in large quantities here; instead of champagne, they prefer local wine, and men can drink a little raka, a traditional Turkish strong drink. To celebrate the New Year at the New Year’s table we are accustomed to, it does not take much effort. Champagne from various manufacturers and ingredients for traditional European and post-Soviet cuisine can be easily found in grocery stores in Alanya.

A large selection of our favorite treats are sold at Metro, Carrefour and Migros supermarket. Well, if you want seafood, avocados, exotic fruits or fragrant strawberries, then here they are available at any time of the year. By the way, the avocado season still continues in December, so you can easily find ripe and inexpensive fruits for your gourmet dishes in the local market. It is not necessary to spend the night in front of the oven to indulge in traditional desserts. You can buy your favorite sweets in pastry shops, where you can also make a cake to order at the right time and decorate as you wish.


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