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Iskan in Turkey . Why is it so important to have İskan document?

Iskan in Turkey

Iskan in Turkey . Why is it so important to have Iskan document?

Iskan in Turkey . Why is it so important to have Iskan document?

Iskan in Turkey


The procedure for buying property in the Republic of Turkey is as simple and transparent as possible, which eliminates any risk to the investor. However, it is important at the stage of viewing apartments ask about the presence of all documents of title from the seller. And in particular, the official papers, confirming the commissioning of the house.

In our article I propose to deal in detail with the term “Iskan in Turkey,” its types, procedures and costs of obtaining.

Iskan in Turkey – what it indicates

Iskan (Iskan) – this is a technical passport for the house or the act of commissioning the object. The document is agreed with the state commission of the Republic of Turkey and confirms that the housing is ready for habitation.

It is worth noting that 15-20 years ago the technical passport was considered optional, so in most cases simply was not completed by developers and owners. The legitimacy of the transaction was not affected by the absence of the permit and allowed to save money on its registration and payment of taxes. Over the past few years, the situation has changed, and now every Turkish developer is required to have a permit for the commissioning of the construction site in Turkey. Obtaining a document is strictly controlled by the state, and in its absence the structure can not be connected to the urban communications.

Iskan in Turkey

Technical passport of a real estate object in Turkey is of two types:

  • Genel Iskan;
  • Ferdi Iskan.

How they differ from each other – consider below.

Genel Iskan:

Genel Iskan – general Turkish real estate technical passport. Issued for the entire residential complex (or complex of villas) and confirms its commissioning and use for its intended purpose.

The document contains all the information about the location of the building and the size of the land plot, the square footage of the apartments in the building, the number of floors, and a plan of the utility systems (electricity, gas, water, sewage).

Genel Iskan construction company receives after the completion of work, or at the final stage of construction. Presence of documentation for the buyer is a signal that the house is built according to all norms and technical rules, the communications are officially connected, and the structure is suitable for safe and comfortable residence.

The process of approval by the commission of experts and registration of Genel Iskan takes place in the city municipality, where the developer submits a package of documents.

Experts take into account factors:

  • Compliance of the building design with the requirements specified in the construction project.
  • Correctness of connection of engineering networks.
  • Whether there is a fire alarm system, fire extinguishing sensors, evacuation emergency exits, fire escape stairs.
  • The appropriate level of seismic stability of the structure.
  • Availability and suitability of access roads.

If all standards are met, the technical certificate is stamped and signed by the inspectors. If there are violations, the construction company shall correct them within the period prescribed by law. Otherwise, the construction will be considered incomplete, and the building – not ready for operation. Since a building permit in Turkey is valid for 5 years after its issuance, during this time the builder must have time to finish work and get the General Iscan. Failure to comply with the law is fraught with cancellation of the building permit.

Iskan in Turkey

Ferdi Iskan.

Ferdi Iskan is an individual technical passport for an apartment in Turkey. That is, it is issued separately for each apartment in a residential complex or detached house.

In Ferdi Iskan all technical information about your property is indicated:

  • the total area of the housing;
  • number of rooms;
  • address;
  • information about the owner and other important information.

Ferdi Iskan is issued only once – to the first owner. When buying in the secondary market, the new owner does not need to get it, and the seller is obliged to give the technical passport at the conclusion of the transaction.

Individual technical passport is issued in the city administration after receiving the TAPU. Availability of a document allows you to apply for a subscription to water, gas, electricity, conclude a contract for the connection of the Internet and landline phone.

Some developers, as well as experienced real estate agencies offer its customers a service to obtain individual technical passport. This saves you the trouble and waste of your own time.

Real estate without certificate of occupancy

Many of our buyers are wondering whether to buy an apartment in Turkey without a certificate of commissioning? Yes, but only if the object is under construction. Information about the lack of the commissioning certificate must be specified in the official contract of sale. In addition, the agreement prescribed indicative terms of obtaining technical passport, and penalties for breach of conditions.

In the absence of a general technical passport for the structure and after a certain period of time, the construction license is canceled, and the object by order of state authorities may be demolished.

Important to know! In the presence of the certificate of commissioning, rates for light and water will be lower than for housing, which does not have a registered Ferdi Iskan.

Iskan in Turkey


How much you have to pay for an Iskan in Turkey

The cost of a technical passport for a flat in Turkey is determined by factors such as the size of the dwelling and its characteristics. On average, this cost is around 200 euros. The production time is no more than ten days.


For the purchase of a flat in Alanya to live up to your expectations, it is worth knowing all the details beforehand. The best solution in this case is to enlist the help of a reliable and experienced real estate agency Rixos Home . Our professionalism and knowledge of all the nuances of buying Turkish real estate by the sea is a guarantee of the legitimacy of any transaction without risks!


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