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August 2022

Places to visit in Alanya

Places to visit in Alanya Places to visit in Alanya Alanya is one of the cities with many tourist destinations. Alanya is a holiday paradise with its unique nature, long summer season, historical sights and non-boring life. In addition to all these attractions, it is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations on the Mediterranean coast with its comfortable hotels and convenient...

Alanya Weather and Unique Climate

Alanya weather and unique climate   Alanya is a resort city on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It beckons with sunny, charming and fragrant greenery, majestic mountains and turquoise waves of the Mediterranean Sea! The city has a very special climate due to its unique location. The city is surrounded on one side by the Mediterranean Sea and on the other by the majestic Taurus...

Where and what to eat in Turkey: tips for tourists and migrants

Where and what to eat in Turkey: tips for tourists and migrants Some travellers prefer an all-inclusive hotel holiday. But others consider flats in Alanya, Konakli, Oba, Avsalar and other regions to live in Turkey, experiencing its real life. In that case, it's not just a question of deciding on a roof over your head that's important. Equally important is how and what to eat when you are not staying...

Bringing car to Turkey

Bringing car to Turkey >> Entry to Turkey by car   Many foreigners who decide to settle in Turkey want to bring their cars to Turkey.   Here is some useful information on how to enter the Republic of Turkey with your car.   PREREQUISITES: Mandatory condition: the car owner must be a resident of another country, i.e. he/she must have lived in a foreign country (not...

Going down? Real estate sales statistics in Turkey.

Going down? Real estate sales statistics in Turkey. Turkish Statistics Institute published data on real estate sales in Turkey for July 2022. Overall, over the period January - July home sales in Turkey rose by 24.2%, but in July compared to June sales declined by 12.9%. Most transactions for the purchase of real estate took place traditionally in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Home sales to foreigners...


RELOCATE TO TURKEY IN 2022 Moving to Turkey today: "5 very useful tips for those already living in Turkey" In the past years, the relocation of foreigners who would settle in Turkey depended on luck because 5 to 10 years ago, the number of foreign nationals living in Turkey was much less than today. Therefore, the problems that foreign nationals could face were high. Today, the number of foreign...

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