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Bringing car to Turkey

Bringing car to Turkey >> Entry to Turkey by car

 Bringing car to Turkey


Many foreigners who decide to settle in Turkey want to bring their cars to Turkey.


Here is some useful information on how to enter the Republic of Turkey with your car.



Mandatory condition: the car owner must be a resident of another country, i.e. he/she must have lived in a foreign country (not in Turkey!) for at least 185 days in the last year before the date of entry into Turkey). Otherwise you will not be allowed to drive your vehicle.

A motor insurance policy is required. This can be an international motor insurance policy Green-Card. This insurance is valid in 48 countries and can be purchased in your home country or at the border. On the other hand, it is cheaper at the border when you are in Turkey: 600 lira for three months and 1200 lira for a year.

After entry, your vehicle must remain on Turkish territory for at least 2 years (730 days). During this period it is forbidden to leave Turkey with a car. In other words, you can only leave the country WITHOUT A CAR. If you violate this rule, the period is reset and you must be out of Turkey for 185 days before you can bring your vehicle back into the country.

* Pensioners are an exception – they can now bring their car indefinitely! You can leave and re-enter as long as your residence permit is valid. As the residence permit is renewed, the stay of the car is also renewed.

If the owner of the vehicle is leaving Turkey for any period of time, he/she must go to the customs office 1 day in advance and write a declaration that he/she will park the vehicle and no one will use it. It is mandatory to specify the correct address of the car park in the application.



  • Passport of the vehicle ownerResidence (if you have a residence permit)Driving licence in the name of the vehicle owner.
  • Document proving the ownership of the vehicle and that the vehicle is registered in the country of residence (PTS).
  • Insurance policy that will be valid in Turkey.
  • For retired citizens, a document confirming pensioner status, translated into Turkish and apostilled.
  • For persons importing a vehicle belonging to a legal entity, a document confirming that the person is an employee of the company.
  • If the vehicle is used under a power of attorney or lease agreement, a valid power of attorney or lease agreement.

Customs clearance of the vehicle is FREE. Any payment request will be considered illegal.


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