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Winter in Alanya

Winter in Alanya

Winter in Alanya Those who decide to move to Alanya permanently wonder what Alanya is like during winter and what to do there.

Winter in Alanya


Alanya has a unique location: the warm Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Toros Mountains on the other, keeping out the colder, continental air currents. Alanya has a natural capsule that forms a distinctive climate with 320 sunny days a year! The safest place to be is Alanya, where the temperature rises above 10 degrees Celsius even on the coldest winter days. The sunny days in winter give it a high of +20 degrees.

The quiet, mild winters make it possible to enjoy Alanya all year round, with entertainment to suit all tastes, ages and budgets.



With the end of the holiday season, there are fewer tourists in the city and life goes back to normal. This is the ideal time to visit the sights and monuments in Alanya without too much hustle and bustle: the Alanya Castle, the Red Tower, the ruins of Sierra, the Dim and Damlataş Caves and many other places of interest.



Alanya is a lovely place. It is immersed in greenery all year round. There are many beautiful parks and natural attractions in and around the city. The mild winter season is also ideal for touring. You can go fishing on the Dim River and barbecue your own catch, or walk across the wooden bridge of Sapadere Canyon and recharge your batteries listening to the crystal-clear murmuring of the river flowing through the gorge. Many fruit trees begin their blooms at this time, filling the air with a wonderful fragrance.



If you miss the snow, have a picnic in the mountains, the snowy peaks of which are visible from every corner of Alanya. If you step out onto the terrace of one of the penthouses in the city, you can almost get a fabulous view: on one side the sparkling waves of the Mediterranean Sea and sunbathing people in bikinis on the beach, on the other side the quite winter landscape of snow-capped mountains. The air in the mountains is even purer and healthier during this time.

Fans of extreme relaxation can go to the ski resort. There are several ski resorts in the vicinity of Alanya, the closest being Saklikent and Davraz, where there are pistes for both adults and children. A soon to be completed European level ski resort Akdag in close proximity to Alanya. Akdag will be situated 35 km from the city and cover an area of 300 hectares. It is planned to have a rope way connecting the slopes and the main beach of the Cleopatra resort.



The Alanya sun is not too hot and there are no tourists on the beaches or sports fields during the winter months. You can go for walks and bike rides along the promenade, enjoy the Mediterranean air, use the outdoor fitness equipment set up in the parks and along the seafront – or form a team and play beach volleyball on the courts.



Winter is also a great time to take your time enjoying the national cuisine and the sights and sounds of Alanya in the local cafes and restaurants. Tip: avoid the ‘touristy’ places, although they may have good food, but rather small family-run restaurants off the beaten track, which are excellent for fish and meat specialties and brew excellent coffee and traditional Turkish tea. The lack of tourists has a positive effect on prices, as prices go down and you may get more attention than you would if the restaurant was full.



If you are a homebody by nature, you can simply focus on your health and get some rest. And, more often than not, you can do it without leaving your home. Modern housing complexes in Alanya are usually equipped with a rich infrastructure: swimming pools, saunas, hammams, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, gyms, leisure and SPA centres, tennis courts, billiard halls and cinemas. All this guarantees a pleasant holiday, whatever the weather conditions.



The temperature of the sea during the winter season does not drop below +18. So a lot of locals and visitors head for the beach, have picnics, sunbathe and even swim!

In this year’s reality, unfortunately, a lot of these things have become temporarily unavailable. But we all know that the pandemic situation will soon get better and life will go back to normal.


Alanya is a paradise on earth, where you can live comfortably and happily all year round, enjoying the beautiful climate, clean air, sea, sun, nature and organic, delicious food.

Well, we are always ready to help you realise your dream of a home by the sea.


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